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e-CBT for Depression

Study Name: Comparing clinical decision-making of AI technology to a multi-professional care team in an e-CBT program for depression.

Description: Participants will be offered an e-CBT program tailored to depression over 13 weeks to address their depressive symptoms. Participants will be assessed by an AI and clinician team. Care may include face-to-face therapy with a psychiatrist or phone/video calls with a care provider. All participants will receive personalized feedback.

An Exploratory Study on the Unmet Needs of Mental Health Care and Services

Description: Participants with Major Depressive Disorder will complete questionnaires that assess mental health and unmet care needs, as well as an open-ended interview that explores participants' lived experiences with mental health.

e-CBTi for insomnia

Study Name: Investigating the effectiveness of electronically delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(e-CBTi) compared to Pharmaceutical Interventions in treating Insomnia.

Description: Participants will either receive e-CBTi program or will be prescribed trazodone for the  duration of the study (7 weeks). Patients will receive personalized feedback.

e-CBT for anxiety and  depression in oncology and palliative care patients

Study Name: Developing and implementing an e-psychotherapy program for mental health challenges in  oncology and palliative care.

Description: The participants will  be enrolled in an 8-week program with a combination of CBT and mindfulness techniques delivered via a series of modules and personalized feedback through an online platform.

Online Relapse  Prevention Psychotherapy for AUD

Study Name: Online Relapse Prevention Psychotherapy for Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder.

Description: Participants will  receive 10 weekly sessions focused on relapse prevention using cognitive behavioural therapy. The sessions will be delivered in an online or a video  format and participants will receive personalized feedback from a trained  therapist each week.

e-CBT for GAD, MDD  and PTSD for correctional worker

Study Name: Delivering e-CBT to address mental health challenges in correctional officers and other public safety personnel.

Description: Correctional Workers diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety disorder and/or Post Traumatic  Stress Disorder (PTSD will receive weekly online CBT from a therapist for  period of 12 weeks.